Ending your Rental:

·         When you no longer need your unit:

o    Please provide at least 1--days notice to us via mail, e-mail, or call us.

o    End on a full month, we do not prorate you on the last month.

o    You cannot use your security deposit for the last month’s rent.

o    Remove your lock, sweep the unit, leave the door down and call or e-mail us the day you are out.

§  People will throw trash in an empty unit, so we lock your unit the same day


·         We do not have a key to your unit, so please separate your keys and keep them secure.
·         If you lose your keys, call us to cut the lock.  If you damage the door, you will be charged the cost of repairs.
·         Your unit must be locked at all times with an approved disc lock.
·         You are only allowed to put one lock on your unit.

Storage Tips:

·         Don’t put cardboard boxes directly on the concrete, they will wick moisture from the ground.
·         Plastic bins with covers work great.
·         Make sure you slide your latch to the right and lock your unit.
·         Don’t store hazardous materials.

Please do not:

·         Don’t leave items unattended.
·         No dumping or abandoning items, this is littering and is subject to fines and dumping fees.
·         Please do not lean items against the buildings, it scratches them and causes damage.